Age Spot / Pigmentation Removal

As most of us age we begin to see visible signs of sun damage. This look may include freckling and sun spots.

We use todays most advanced technology to remove the tell tale signs of aging. The GentleMaxPro Laser treatment is a procedure that can treat those brown spots and sun damage to even out your skin tone and texture revealing a natural, healthy complexion.

Not only can we treat the face but also the chest, back, hands or arms.

The Laser quickly delivers energy that is absorbed by the brown spots producing only mild discomfort. The brown spot will turn darker and then form a micro-crust. We ask that you keep the area moist with aquaphor healing ointment and allow the micro crust to peel off over the following week or two. The skin underneath will be pink for a short time but will then return to healthy new skin.

We do encourage you to be cautious with sun exposure before and after treatment and advise the use of an SPF 30