Small Vein Removal

SPIDER VEINS on the face and legs are a cosmetic problem that trouble many women and men. Spider veins are superficial small red, bluish vessels that can occur on the legs and face especially around the nose. They may be an inherited trait but also may result from trauma, pregnancy, prolonged standing, or other medical conditions.

You can experience excellent results in the elimination of these unsightly vessels in just one or two treatments. The GentleMAXPro™ provides a safe and effective non-surgical treatment for the removal of these superficial veins. In a series of brief pulses light energy is delivered to the targeted vessel causing coagulation of the blood vessel, which is subsequently absorbed by your body.

Some vessels disappear immediately and others may require re-treatment. Larger vessels may require other forms of treatment such as sclerotherapy (injection into the vessel) these should only be treated by your Vascular Surgeon, Plastic Surgeon or Dermatologist.

CHERRY ANGIOMAS are very common and perfectly safe, but if you dislike yours for cosmetic reasons they can be easily treated with only one or two laser pulses! They will turn dark in color and your body will absorb it within a week or two.